About Us


Livingit, is a global platform for finding the best products (gears & equipment) for your outdoor experiences.  We understand that sometimes the plethora of choice available can be overwhelming and requires a ton of research before you can take the final buying decision.  Our researchers & experts identify and curate the best products for you. We aim to reduce your time/effort in identifying & finding products and help you take the buying decision quickly by only listing the BEST of products on Livingit.

Livingit is a platform for people who follow different passions. www.livingit.in is our e-commerce store where you can find gears/products aimed at India Market. On www.iamlivingit.com you can discover the best of content like how-tos, experiences, buying guides, destination guides, interviews etc. around the following passions – Running, Cycling, Trekking/Hiking, Motorcycling, Angling/Fishing and Photography (more passions will be added as we grow). Content and Commerce are our pillars and both platforms offer the complete experience to users for their love of outdoors.

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