Roadgods Triton X1

Roadgods Triton X1 

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    The Triton X is not a regular saddle bag. It is a SaddlePack™ .
    The Triton X has a Patent pending design which makes it not just a sturdy saddle bag for your bike, but the Triton X is also convertible into a unified Backpack which you can easily carry after you get down from your machine. 
    Moreover, It can be separated into twin sling bags which you can use for your short outings after you reach your destination. No need to carry smaller backpacks and rearranging all of your stuff. 
    Above all, don't hurt your back carrying regular saddle bags which are meant only for the motorcycle . The Triton X will be your aide throughout your trip. 
    And created out of Military grade construction and materials, Triton is NOT your regular backpack. Expect extreme toughness. 
    Triton is the largest saddle bag available in the market. The two bags in total have a huge space of 75 ltrs. which can accomodate everything you'd want to have for your road trip. 
    PS : Creating the largest saddle bag is not just about increasing size, it's about the engineering it takes for it to perform well .

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